CustomVault - Our Expertise

CustomVault provides an expert, consultative approach to the design, manufacture, delivery and assembly of modular vault systems.

Offering a full line-up of complementary security products including cages, mantraps, bullet resistant equipment, video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control, allows us to offer our clients complete security solutions. With over 30 years of experience in providing these solutions in every setting, our practiced approach ensures compliant, cost-effective and timely delivery that truly sets the industry standard.

Expert Design & Configuration

We analyze every project from all perspectives to recommend the solution that most efficiently satisfies:

  • Regulatory Requirements and Security Standards. Our thorough understanding of regulatory, insurance and industry security standards ensures that the design and configuration of the vault system is in compliance with all governing specifications. Proven manufacturing and process controls and experienced installation teams ensure that the solution is delivered to those exacting standards. As the industry leader, we've even worked with government and insurance industry experts to draft many of the specifications that govern the industry today.
  • Business and Operational Requirements. Our expertise extends well beyond our products to the business and operational requirements of the industry segments we serve. As a result, we are able to help clients improve productivity and lower the costs of operating in a secure environment. For example, our HighBay Vault™ system was specifically designed to meet the high-volume, secure storage requirements of our pharmaceutical clients without compromise to the efficiency of their warehousing operations. Our Industry Practice Groups focus on these types of unique, application-driven requirements for Pharmaceutical, Government, Armored Car, Jewelry and Banking applications.
  • Site Access Conditions and Structural Loads. Whether a simple slab-on-grade application or a high-rise installation with limited access, CustomVault is expert at engineering vault solutions to cost-effectively work within and around challenging site conditions. Our range of LightWeight™ UL and GSA panels enables CustomVault to design a modular vault solution that can be delivered and installed virtually anywhere:
    • Without heavy equipment
    • On above grade floors
    • In existing footprints, with limited access
    • In remote locations

Read more about some of our site-challenging projects here.

Flawless Execution

Our unparalleled experience and expertise translates into total reliability for on-time and on-budget delivery of modular vault solutions even when working with the most aggressive time schedules. Our execution is flawless from beginning to end, including:

  • Manufacturing Process Controls. Our state-of-the-art computerized process controls ensure consistent quality and panels that conform to their listed rating.
  • Project Management Expertise. At the end of the day, expert project management is about solving problems before the client ever knows there is one, therefore we ensure:
    • Coordination. We liaise with architects, general contractors and company facilities managers to ensure a smooth project flow and eliminate downstream surprises.
    • No-Hassle Change Orders. We are known for our flexibility in meeting existing construction schedules and for our rapid response to change orders.

You will find that throughout every project, we fulfill our promise to be Responsive by Design.

  • Delivery and Installation. Our attention to process and detail guarantees that what we design, we can deliver and install quickly, cleanly and professionally. This is facilitated by our:
    • Integrated logistics. CustomVault manages an integrated logistic network that ensures rapid delivery of panels and doors to job sites in all 50 states and in dozens of countries worldwide.
    • Expert, In-House Installation Teams. CustomVault installation teams are expert in the rigging and installation of modular vault systems having managed thousands of vault installations in every conceivable construction environment.
    • Ability to Minimize Disruption to Operations. We pay special attention when planning the installation or expansion of the vault system to minimize the impact to ongoing operations.

The CustomVault Advantage

For clients, our expertise translates into a modular vault solution that they can trust to be compliant and delivered at the lowest "all-in" cost and one that optimizes the efficiency of their business operations within the secure environment.

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Limited Access Conditions
Class-2 LightWeight™ system installed on the 11th floor suspended over the domed, unstable ceiling of the bank floor below.

Monumental Scale
Constructed the largest modular vault to date - a 20,000 square foot structure.

Accomodating Particular Use Requirements
Designed a UL listed vault system for a jewelry distribution center where the vault door was mounted waist-high to accommodate a conveyor running through the vault.

Tight Timeframes
Completed the largest multi-unit modular vault project ever undertaken, an installation of 64 modular vaults at an undisclosed U.S. military base.

Remote Location
Installed equipment for the first western-style bank in Vladivostok, Russia.