CustomVault - Our History

1984 - First LightWeight™ UL Panels
LightWeight™ panels were designed for settings where structural load requirements are critical, such as in high-rise buildings and for slab-on-grade applications where access by a forklift would be impossible. Panels and doors were made to fit in standard freight elevators, allowing vaults to be installed almost anywhere without heavy equipment.
1984 - First UL-Listed Port Vent Panels
CustomVault introduced the first port vent panels that allow UL listed access for HVAC supply and return ducting.
1986 - First MicroVault™
CustomVault introduced the first small-sized modular vault, a more cost-effective, higher-volume alternative to large traditional safes. Comprised of LightWeight™ or MegaVault™ modular panels, MicroVault™ provides step-in storage that can be placed within the work environment and installed where access is limited.
1990 - First LightWeight™ GSA Panels
CustomVault worked closely with the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and all branches of the U.S. Military to design a panel system that has since become the GSA standard.
1992 - First HighBay™ Vault
CustomVault created the industry's first multi-story UL listed, DEA validated modular vault system, designed specifically to meet the high-volume secure storage requirements of one of its major U.S. pharmaceutical clients. Incorporating double-leaf drive-through doors and multi-lane forklift traffic flows, the solution allowed the client to optimize their warehousing operation within the secure environment. CustomVault's HighBay™ system is the now the standard for pharmaceutical warehouse storage of controlled substances.
2007 - MAB™ (Mobile Armory Building)
In response to an urgent request for moveable and secure exterior storage as submitted by a significant military installation, CustomVault began development of the MAB™. Following GSA approval in 2011, this product was modified and made available to the pharmaceutical industry in the form of the MPB™.

CustomVault was founded in 1984 by Thomas P. Brennan, currently the company's President and CEO, and Michael J. Elliot, currently Executive Vice President. The company is now internationally recognized as the expert in the design and installation of complex, high-security modular vault solutions for United States government, pharmaceutical, jewelry, armored car and banking applications.

Indeed, over 30 years ago we invented the modular approach to vault design and manufacture. Since then we have been leading the industry—creating innovative solutions that meet the high-security needs of our clients while working within the specific site and business requirements of the application.  Furthermore, we have introduced security cages, mantraps, bullet proof equipment and electronic security as a complement to our modular vaults in order to provide a complete security solution for our clients.

Our long line of first-in-industry accomplishments demonstrates this leadership. (see chart on right)

In essence, CustomVault wrote the book on modular vaults. In 1998, due to the enormous amount of work we have done for the government, we were called upon by the U.S. Postal Service and Facilities Service Offices to assist in revising and updating USPS 13402, the regulations and specifications governing U.S. Postal Service vault projects.

In 1999, we created our Bank Services Division to provide and service the specific physical security equipment needs of retail financial institutions. In 2006, the Bank Services Division was branded as BranchServ (learn more at and is now the fastest growing equipment service provider to financial institutions, serving over 12,000 bank branches from Maine to Florida and extending westward to Texas.

Today, CustomVault stands alone as the internationally recognized expert in the design, manufacture and installation of technologically advanced, high-security modular vault systems, serving clients in all 50 states and throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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Limited Access Conditions
Class-2 LightWeight™ system installed on the 11th floor suspended over the domed, unstable ceiling of the bank floor below.

Monumental Scale
Constructed the largest modular vault to date - a 20,000 square foot structure.

Accomodating Particular Use Requirements
Designed a UL listed vault system for a jewelry distribution center where the vault door was mounted waist-high to accommodate a conveyor running through the vault.

Tight Timeframes
Completed the largest multi-unit modular vault project ever undertaken, an installation of 64 modular vaults at an undisclosed U.S. military base.

Remote Location
Installed equipment for the first western-style bank in Vladivostok, Russia.