CustomVault - Our Mission

To provide customized vault solutions with optimal service.

Our mission

Is to provide technologically advanced, high-security modular vault solutions that meet the unique business requirements of our clients, complemented by a comprehensive equipment line-up to fully address their security needs.

We are committed to offering clients our deep expertise with every project, allowing us to fully customize solutions that satisfy regulatory standards, accommodate client use requirements and address site-specific delivery and assembly challenges. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to advance state-of-the-art technologies in our industry, creating custom-configured solutions that adapt to the changing needs of each of the segments we serve.

Our Values

Responsiveness. CustomVault is, above all, a service company.  We therefore pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to our clients’ needs from project inception to completion.

Accountability. Every CustomVault employee takes full responsibility for their part in guaranteeing the client’s complete satisfaction.

Expertise. CustomVault perpetuates its reputation for state-of-the-art technology by continuously improving product offerings.

Creativity. CustomVault leverages its expertise and experience in multiple market segments to provide solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of each and every client.

These key values embody what CustomVault is all about.  We really are Responsive by Design.

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Limited Access Conditions
Class-2 LightWeight™ system installed on the 11th floor suspended over the domed, unstable ceiling of the bank floor below.

Monumental Scale
Constructed the largest modular vault to date - a 20,000 square foot structure.

Accomodating Particular Use Requirements
Designed a UL listed vault system for a jewelry distribution center where the vault door was mounted waist-high to accommodate a conveyor running through the vault.

Tight Timeframes
Completed the largest multi-unit modular vault project ever undertaken, an installation of 64 modular vaults at an undisclosed U.S. military base.

Remote Location
Installed equipment for the first western-style bank in Vladivostok, Russia.