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CustomVault for Medical Marijuana Growers & Distributors

BETHEL, CT - February 1, 2014 - CustomVault has announced that it is leveraging its expertise in secure storage for pharmaceuticals, and extending its efforts to support the medical marijuana industry. Both growers and distributors have an urgent need for integrated physical and electronic security; vaults, safes, video surveillance, alarm and access control. CustomVault is also providing bullet resistant materials, man traps, metal detection and cash recyclers; all with the objective of optimizing security for this highly sensitive industry. See the link to the CustomVault Medical Marijuana page on


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Limited Access Conditions
Class-2 LightWeight™ system installed on the 11th floor suspended over the domed, unstable ceiling of the bank floor below.

Monumental Scale
Constructed the largest modular vault to date - a 20,000 square foot structure.

Accomodating Particular Use Requirements
Designed a UL listed vault system for a jewelry distribution center where the vault door was mounted waist-high to accommodate a conveyor running through the vault.

Tight Timeframes
Completed the largest multi-unit modular vault project ever undertaken, an installation of 64 modular vaults at an undisclosed U.S. military base.

Remote Location
Installed equipment for the first western-style bank in Vladivostok, Russia.