LightWeight™ Vaults are ideal for:
  • Multi-story buildings.
  • Small, hard-to-get-at spaces within the work environment.
  • Odd-shaped, architecturally challenging areas.

LightWeight™ Vault Systems

Lightweight Modular Vaults for Any Location

Specifically engineered for high-rise building applications where floor loading is critical or for existing sites where forklift access to the installation area is a challenge, CustomVault LightWeight™ vault systems can be installed virtually anywhere. LightWeight™ vaults save both space and time, minimize the impact on overall structural requirements and offer UL or GSA rated protection that can be installed within any work environment.

  • Easy Installation. Complemented by low-profile vault doors, LightWeight™ panels are designed to fit in freight elevators and install without heavy equipment. This facilitates installation on above grade floors. Furthermore, LightWeight™ panels are ideal for an existing footprint or where access is limited in any way.
  • Compliant. CustomVault's UL or GSA rated LightWeight™ modular panels are used to form the vault floor, walls and ceiling providing six-sided protection to meet any regulatory or industry security requirement.
  • Any Size or Shape. Vault systems of any size and shape can be created by using these panels in a configuration specifically engineered against the project requirements.
  • Ready for HVAC and Electrical. All systems are custom-configured with appropriate port-vent panels as needed to allow for UL listed access for HVAC ducting and with the necessary conduit access to meet utility requirements.
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