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MAB™ - Mobile Armory Building

CustomVault responded to the demands of military clientele by designing the GSA approved MAB™; a mobile storage option for weapons and other sensitive materials that offers both a high level of security and longevity. This complete security solution is being utilized nationwide, in both desert and temperate climates.

The MAB™ In Greater Detail

The standard MAB™ is GSA AA-V-2940 rated and meets portable armory specifications. It houses a GSA-approved vault and access vestibule contained within a weather-proof exterior and equipped with connections for HVAC, lighting, electrical and alarm systems. A Class 5 vault door provides access.

Ultimately, the unit’s self-containment, ease of relocation, weather resistance and compliance with all government protection and weapons storage requirements make it ideal for a number of military and other applications including weapons storage and containment of evidence, narcotics and detainees.

MAB™ Features


  • GSA AA-V-2940 rated armory as endorsed by IACSE.
  • Standard units offer 200 sq ft, 413 sq ft or 730 sq ft of approved storage.
  • Exterior weather-tight door with US Military approved lock device.
  • Interior GSA Class-5 vault door with issue port daygate.
  • Weapon tie downs on walls and floor.
  • Alarm peripheral devices including door contacts, motion detectors and seismic detectors installed.
  • Vestibule area between exterior door and vault.
  • Interior and exterior lighting.
  • 20-breaker electric panel with labels on interior of armory.
  • HVAC including an exterior unit installed on the vestibule wall with GSA-approved openings and duct work to vestibule and vault.
  • Thermostatically-controlled temperature and humidity for both vestibule and vault.
  • Metal conduit for all electrical wiring - both interior and exterior.


  • Alarm panel (head unit) - provided and installed to match and communicate with existing network.
  • Generator - to supply back-up power in case of power loss (gas or diesel available).
  • Exterior floodlights.


"The MAB™ is the culmination of many years of engineering and research which has precisely identified all of our end-users’ storage needs. There are no second chances when it comes to secure weapons containment, especially in the field. We are confident that the Mobile Armory Building will exceed security requirements and endure the long-term physical demands of exterior storage."
  ~ Matthew Gifford, Senior Director of Government Sales

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