MegaVault™ Systems are ideal for:
  • Branch bank locations.
  • Military bases.
  • National Guard armories.
  • Post Offices.
  • Pharmaceutical distribution center warehouses.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.
  • Armored car depots.
  • Jewelry manufacturing and retail locations.
  • Any slab-on-grade application.

MegaVault™ Systems

Modular Vaults for Slab-on-Grade Applications

The CustomVault MegaVault™ system is the perfect solution for any high-security slab-on-grade application.

  • Cost-Effective. Comprised of UL rated concrete panels, the MegaVault™ system offers cost-effective, quick installation based on free-and-clear forklift access.
  • Compliant. CustomVault's UL/DEA rated modular panels are used to form the vault floor, walls, and ceiling for six-sided protection to meet any regulatory or industry security requirement. These are complemented by vault doors that adhere to regulatory standards.
  • Any Size or Shape. Vault systems of any size and shape can be created by using these panels in a configuration specifically engineered against the project requirements.
  • Ready for HVAC and Electrical. All systems are custom-configured with appropriate port-vent panels as needed to allow for UL listed access for HVAC ducting and with the necessary conduit access to meet utility requirements.
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