MicroVault™ Systems are ideal for:
  • Bank cash rooms.
  • Small pharmaceutical labs.
  • Tight, limited square-footage settings.
  • Retail settings.

MicroVault™ Systems

On-site Vault Solutions for Office and Lab

The CustomVault MicroVault™ is a true modular vault, built on a small scale. Priced at a lower cost per square foot than traditional refrigerator safes, MicroVault™ offers step-in storage volume that can be placed right within the work environment.

MicroVault™ offers a number of advantages:

  • Modular/Easy to Install. Due to their modular nature, MicroVaults™ can be delivered and installed in areas that might otherwise be too small or inaccessible for a traditional refrigerator safe. When made with LightWeight™ vault panels, they can be
    installed almost anywhere without heavy equipment.
  • Secure. MicroVault™ can be designed to meet any TR/TL (torch and tool) rating common to traditional safes.
  • Customized. Custom-configured from standard components, MicroVaults™ can be designed to maximize available storage space, taking advantage of odd-sized residual spaces. MicroVaults™ start at 93 cubic feet and can be sized to any dimension.
  • UL & GSA Listed Components. MicroVault™ can be made with either our LightWeight™ (ultra-performance, lightweight panel) or MegaVault™ (cost-effective traditional concrete panel) components with ratings to satisfy UL Standard 608 (Class M, 1, 2, or 3) or with a GSA approved rating (Federal Specification AA-V-2737). Vault doors carry the same ratings and offer a variety of locking and finish options including electronic locks, dual locks and locking key dials to meet all regulatory and insurance requirements.
  • Modular and Reusable. Modular design allows for cost-effective relocation, redesign or expansion should storage needs change down the line, allowing you to protect your capital investment.

Before considering a purchase of a traditional refrigerator safe, contact us to learn more about the MicroVault™ alternative. Our engineers will prepare a free set of customized CAD drawings and cost specifications for your custom MicroVault™ solution.

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