• Panels mount flush to floor.
  • Self-closing, self-locking doors
  • Mounting hardware permanently fixed.
  • Factory-made cutouts.
  • Slide-up window to accommodate material handling systems.
  • Heavy 3/8" assembly hardware hidden from exterior
  • 10-gauge wire woven into 1" x 2" opening mesh standard
  • 2" square posts set on maximum 10'-2" centers

Security Cages – DEA/USPS Approved

Wire Woven Partitions

CustomVault designs and installs DEA and USPS approved woven wire partition systems as well as general purpose security cages for the armored car and jewelry industries, government, and other applications where cost-effective controlled storage is required.

  • DEA and USPS Approved Cage Systems. The USPS specification 10605 and DEA specification 21 CFR 1301.72 both require a 10 gauge woven mesh cage with openings no more than 1" x 2" with minimum 1" diameter posts, no more than 10' apart, and with horizontal reinforcements every 60". The DEA specification further requires self-closing and self-locking doors. CustomVault's cage solutions meet and exceed all of these requirements, and have therefore been embraced by the USPS and pharmaceutical industry.
  • General Purpose Security Cages. Ideal for sectioning off inventory storage, hazard areas, tool rooms, stock rooms and equipment, woven wire partition solutions offer a fast and economical way to create security areas anywhere.

Custom and Standard Solutions

Cages are designed to meet the project storage goals and the available space, built to any size and shape. We offer total cages as well as wall sections that anchor into existing concrete building walls, ceilings and floors. The cage doors are offered in a wide range of ready-to-ship standard sizes or can be quickly built to custom specifications. A full range of standard size self-closing, self-locking, hinged and sliding gates completes the line. Partitions use twenty standard size panels to build any height wall or clear span ceilings up to 35 feet wide.

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