Vault Doors from CustomVault: Integrated with Vault Systems

CLASS M TR/TL 15 x 6
CLASS 1 TR/TL 30 x 6
CLASS 2 TR/TL 60 x 6
CLASS 3 TR/TL 120 x 6
  • Emergency vault ventilators
  • Integrated circuitry for alarm contacts and phone access
  • Three movement, 144 hour timelocks
  • UL listed dual combination locks; optional triple combination locks available
  • Randomly located re-locking devices

UL/GSA Rated Doors for Every Application

CustomVault offers a complete line of UL listed and GSA labeled vault doors as an integrated component of our vault systems. As part of project design criteria, we custom-configure vault doors to specific regulatory, site and user requirements. Vault door clear openings, finish, locking mechanisms and emergency features are all considered when recommending a door for a project.

UL Listed Vault Doors

CustomVault offers a variety of options to accommodate any regulatory requirement, access condition, use or finish requirement. The door is an integrated component of our vault systems.

  • All UL Ratings Classes. UL doors are available with Class M, 1, 2, and 3 ratings.
  • Any Size, Anywhere. We offer a variety of application-driven sizing options:
    • Low-Profile Doors. Designed to fit in a standard freight elevator for delivery to high-rise building installations.
    • Standard Size Doors. 36" x 78", 36” x 80”, or 52" x 78" clear opening.
    • Custom Size Doors. For conveyor and other special applications, we design doors based on user requirements in any configuration.
    • Extra-Wide, Single-Leaf Doors. For cart and pallet jack access without the expense of a double door.
  • Finished to Your Specifications. Stainless steel finish standard; downgraded finishes are also available for cost-effective warehouse applications. Daygates are available in acrylic, bar-style brushed aluminum and expanded metal.

GSA Labeled Vault Doors

CustomVault offers a complete line of GSA approved single or double-leaf Class 5 security vault doors, produced to the exact requirements of Federal Specification AA-D-600D. All active leaves have an inside emergency escape device, are pre-hung in the frame and are designed for easy clamp-on installation. GSA labeled doors are available with Class 5 and AR5 ratings in a variety of standard and custom configurations, and are an integrated component of our vault systems.

Vault Door Preventative Maintenance & Repair

CustomVault offers VaultPM™, an all-inclusive preventative maintenance program,and OnDemand™ vault door repair services for existing installations.

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