Armored Car Industry Solutions

UL Rated Modular Modular Vaults and Complementary Equipment

Our Armored Car Practice Group builds on 30 years of experience and leadership in high-security modular vault systems and complementary solutions to create a center of excellence focused on the unique design and installation requirements of the armored car industry.

We Know the Specifications

CustomVault currently serves all of the leading armored car companies in the United States and is expert in the industry's security standards for modular vault systems.

We Have the Experience

CustomVault is not only expert at configuring solutions to meet insurance and security requirements, but also in designing vault solutions that optimize the efficiency of operations within the secure environment. We successfully manage:

  • Flush Transitions. We understand that flush access in and out of the vault is essential when carts can weigh over 600 lbs. We work with your site plan and evaluate options, including modifications to existing slabs, to create a six-sided solution that is both cost-effective and operationally efficient.
  • Site Access and Structural Load Challenges. We evaluate site access and load conditions and offer solutions to meet any requirement using either our MegaVault™ or LightWeight™ vault systems.
  • Aggressive Timetables. CustomVault has the quickest turnaround time in the industry and has met the most aggressive construction schedules. Shop drawings with structural and engineering evaluation can be provided in as little as two days.
  • Limited Disruption. CustomVault systems go up quickly and cleanly. Solutions are available that do not require heavy equipment to install. After-hours installation is available to further limit impact on existing operations.

Purpose-Built Solutions

CustomVault LightWeight™ laminate and traditional concrete MegaVault™ systems both offer the flexibility to configure vaults for any specification or setting and are available with UL Class M, 1, 2 or 3 ratings. Our UL approved vault doors, safes, and bullet resistant solutions are all purpose-built for the particular security and use requirements of armored car applications. And our suite of electronic security equipment, including video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control, complements physical equipment to ensure optimal security in this environment.

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Armored Car Solutions

Laminate UL rated vault solutions that can be installed without heavy equipment for settings where access or structural load is an issue.

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Cost-effective UL rated vaults for slab-on-grade settings.

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TR/TL rated fire and burglary safes from Hamilton Safe and other leading vendors.

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Wire woven partitions for cost-effective warehouse partitioning.

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We design and install bullet resistant equipment with UL/752 Level 1-7 ratings.

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CustomVault offers video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control to complement the physical security elements required for safe storage.

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