CustomVault - Design Advisory

We at CustomVault pride ourselves on the fact that we are "Responsive by Design"

Vault design might seem simple from the outside, but when its time to get down to the nuts and bolts of mapping one out for your facility, its important to be educated (see resources below) and supported by the experts.

Modular vaults from CustomVault present clear advantages over poured-in-place installations in that they:

  • Offer opportunities for fully customizable configuration.
  • Meet all regulatory standards.
  • Accommodate expansion and movement, and can therefore be classified as security equipment.
  • Are cost effective.

CustomVault has an in-house engineering staff that will provide you with exceptional design capabilities, culled from years of experience and industry expertise. All efforts are expedited to ensure adherence to your schedule of work.

Initial drawings are developed based on your project needs and include detailed modular vault assemblies and dimensions, weights, loads, assembly instructions, components and all details. Revisions follow as needed, and submittals are accompanied by samples for selection and verification. The vault work is complemented by recommendations for electronic security, bullet resistant equipment and security cages as appropriate to supplement the project.

Our staff has worked extensively in all industries requiring vault storage, and can therefore add significant value to any project under consideration.

Before you begin, review some of the resources listed below to become acclimated and educated with regard to vault design. Then contact CustomVault to ensure project success.

All Industries

Glossary of Terms

Preliminary Vault Planning Worksheet

UL Approved Modular Vault System Sample Drawings

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Commerce Article

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Security

Government & Military

Why Modular vs. Poured In Place Vault Systems

GSA AA-V-2737 MegaVault™ System Sample Submission Drawing

GSA AA-V-2737 LightWeight™ Vault System Sample Submission Drawing

GSA AA-V-2940 MAB™ Sample Submission Drawing

CustomVault Mobile Armory Building™ (MAB™)

Sample Specification Sheet

Government Specification Facts

Department of Defense Lock Program - CustomVault Listing