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We’re Not Just Blowing Smoke

CustomVault is the security resource
you need to take that critical next step.

Once you’ve been approved as a medical or recreational marijuana dispensary or grower/producer in your state, the real work begins. But how do you get there? A plan that ensures full compliance with security regulations as dictated by state statutes will be essential to your success.

CustomVault can help. We provide pre-approval consulting and state application assistance to help you get to the starting line. We are experts in marijuana security.

CustomVault has over 30 years of experience and leadership in DEA validated, high-security modular vault systems and complementary security solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. And we have extended our expertise to the medical marijuana initiative as approvals have been secured state by state. We are not new to this game.

And we are prepared to meet every one of your security needs, and assist you in mapping out a plan that is both efficient and effective in meeting all requirements to prevent and detect diversion, theft and loss.

Physical Security.

For the secure storage of marijuana we recommend...

For Dispensaries:

CustomVault TL-15 and TL-30 Safes

  • Meets or exceeds DEA requirements for Schedule I & II pharmaceuticals
  • Secured to floor
  • Time lock device & locking mechanism
  • Alarm contacts
  • Seismic sensors
  • Tie-in with electronic security response

For Growers/Producers:

CustomVault Lightweight™ Vault or MegaVault™

  • Meets or exceeds DEA requirements for Schedule I & II pharmaceuticals
  • 6 sided or 5 sided secured to floor
  • GSA AA-D-600 vault door to meet DEA CFR 1301.72
  • Managed racking and storage requirements
  • Alarm contacts
  • Tie-in with electronic security response

Electronic Security.

For optimal threat deterrence, forensic evidence, and employee protection we recommend…

For Dispensaries and Growers/Producers:

An integrated server based alarm, access control and video surveillance system which incorporates brands like:

DMP AXIS Communications exacqVision KEYSCAN PACOM

Access Control

  • Access credential and privilege management
  • Employee verification
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Audit trail via date and time stamping
  • Intercom system


  • Multiple duress alarm access points
  • Multiple panic alarm access points
  • Digital dialer with cellular back-up
  • Equipment failure notificationPerimeter alarm
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Professional and responsive alarm monitoring service

Video Surveillance

  • Video cameras required for adequate facility coverage
  • 12-14 for typical dispensary
  • 50-100 for large producer
  • 24 hour recording with back-up power
  • Event driven response
  • Frame capture rates to deliver optimal quality
  • Video analytics (facial recognition)
  • Remote viewing and easy download/transfer
  • Scalability to accommodate changes in viewing/storage needs

Security Maintenance.

To ensure that all equipment remains in good working order, we recommend...

A Preventative Maintenance Agreement with CustomVault whereas we will service and maintain all equipment twice annually.

For more information about how we can help you with your medical or recreational marijuana security needs, contact our pharmaceutical project expert today at 866-431-7646 ext. 4230 -or- 203-403-4230