Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

DEA Approved Vault Systems and Complementary Equipment

Our Pharmaceutical Practice Group has 30 years of experience and leadership in high-security modular vault systems and complementary solutions. We've created a center of excellence focused on the unique requirements of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) validated high-security storage for pharmaceutical manufacturing, warehousing and laboratory applications.

We Know the Specifications

Our pharmaceutical team is expert in the Office of Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR 1301.72, the governing specification for pharmaceutical applications. We have built hundreds of DEA validated vaults across the country for every major U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor. And we not only anticipate rescheduling changes but respond with expedience, helping you address evolving secure storage needs.

We Know Your Business

CustomVault is not only expert at configuring solutions within DEA requirements, but also in optimizing the efficiency of operations within the secure environment – specifically for pharmaceutical warehousing applications. We successfully manage:

  • Racking and Storage Requirements. We review pallet sizes and racking requirements to determine the optimal size and configuration of the DEA validated pharmaceutical vault.
  • Traffic Patterns. We evaluate access requirements for forklifts, pallet jacks and warehouse personnel to suggest vault access patterns, rack layout and door configuration.
  • Site Access Conditions and Structural Load Challenges. We evaluate site access and existing conditions to ensure that every option is considered in optimizing both the cost and functionality of the vault solution.
  • Aggressive Timetables. CustomVault has the quickest turnaround time in the industry and has met the most aggressive construction schedules. Shop drawings with structural and engineering evaluation can be provided in as little as two days.
  • Limiting Disruption to Existing Operations. CustomVault systems go up quickly and cleanly, minimizing interruption to ongoing operations.

We Invented the Approach

CustomVault invented the HighBay™ vault system, the first DEA validated, multi-story vault solution specifically designed to accommodate the pallet racking and forklift requirements of the pharmaceutical segment. Our DEA approved CustomVault LightWeight™ and MegaVault™ systems also offer standard height solutions from either laminate or concrete panels and are available with UL Class M, 1, 2 or 3 ratings. Our MicroVault™ is also purpose-built for the pharmaceutical segment, and ideal for laboratory settings.

All vaults are complemented by DEA approved security cages for containment of Schedule III, IV and V pharmaceuticals, bullet proof equipment and a comprehensive suite of electronic security products including video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control.

Emergency or supplementary exterior pharmaceutical storage is enabled by our Mobile Pharmaceutical Building or MPB™.

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DEA validated high-volume storage solutions that optimize secure warehousing operations by utilizing vertical space for pallet racking.

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Laminate DEA approved modular solutions that can be installed without heavy equipment for settings where access or structural load is an issue.

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Cost-effective, DEA approved modular vaults for slab-on-grade settings.

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A positive alternative to a traditional refrigerator safe, the MicroVault™ is ideal for small lab settings where DEA validated secure storage is needed.

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CustomVault offers the MPB™ (Mobile Pharmaceutical Building) for emergency pharmaceutical storage.

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CustomVault provides drive-through doors specially designed to accommodate forklifts and pallet jacks in secure warehousing applications.

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CustomVault offers a full line of DEA approved wire woven partitions and self-closing/locking doors as required by DEA specification 21 CFR 1301.72.

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CustomVault offer UL UL/752 Level 1-7 rated products in any shape and size.

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CustomVault offers video surveillance, intrusion alarm systems and access control to complement the physical security elements required for safe storage of pharmaceuticals.

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